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Knives - Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve Knives was founded as a sole proprietorship in January 1984, with Chris Reeve making custom knives in the single garage attached to the house in which Reeve was living in Durban, South Africa. In March 1989, Reeve and his wife/partner Anne Reeve immigrated to the United States, and CRK commenced manufacturing in Boise, ID. In July 1993, Chris Reeve Knives, sole proprietorship, became Reeve Incorporated, doing business as Chris Reeve Knives. Reeve collaborated with Dick Barber of Crucible Materials Corporation to develop CPM S30V steel as a knifemaking steel in 2003. Chris Reeve Knives has collaborated with William Harsey, Jr. on several fixed blade knife projects, and serves as the manufacturer of these knives.