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Knives - Scorpion 6

Scorpion 6 was the call sign of a unit in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 2003-2004. Taking the torch Scorpion 6 LLC began in 2009 where the owner (S6) started a company fabricating off road racecars and working on aircraft. It was during this time period that S6 developed an eye for tremendous attention to detail under demanding environments, and the importance of strength/weight. Incorporate this experience with multiple deployments overseas in an elite light Infantry unit and you can see why the designs fit the maker’s vision which is light, fast, sleek and purpose built edged weapons. Each knife is designed for a specific purpose and fully handcrafted using only the best materials from the United States, in the United States. All knives come with a lifetime warranty and support. Thank you for your interest in Scorpion 6 Knives and thank you for supporting American Made products.